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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Someone's on Santa's good list.

Party in Santa's pants.

These are for those crazy kids that report to me at work. The adorable treat holders came from the Current catalog. The gift cards came from Giant Eagle (Of course.). If you're going to give the classic low-effort gift, you might as well package it in a snazzy way.

Lauren is in the living room watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for the umpteenth time. She is snacking on these new Garden Harvest veggie crackers. She has said "This good!", there she goes again, eight times. They supposedly contain half a serving of veggies per serving of crackers so props to you, Nabisco!

In other news, Mark and I are both battling colds. Lauren has been dubbed "The Carrier" because every time she's around someone who is ill, she doesn't get sick, but we do. My father had a cold last week so Lauren successfully transferred the plague from one township to another. Pretty impressive, huh?

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