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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa came through.

This Christmas brought us more food, photos and toys than we know what to do with. I spent a good part of today just organizing the 200 plus photos that we took. I whittled it down to about a hundred fit to print. Then I picked around 25 to share online.

I won't elaborate on all the details of the holiday (As the majority of those who read this blog experienced it first hand.) I will instead let the photos do the talking.

Christmas Eve:

A wacky sports fanatic who crashed our Christmas Eve get together.Aunt Beth and cousin Noah on his first Christmas.A guy wearing a headlamp. Need I say more?Lauren and Grandma Pinky.

Christmas morning:

It's almost time, little one.Me, makeupless on Christmas morning.Presents under the tree.My Little Pony? I'm totally there!Lauren taking the gang in the Mystery Machine for a spin.

Christmas night:

Lauren trying on her new Crocs.Pap pap Bruno and his new pedometer.Aunt Phyllis shows off her collectible ornament.Uncle Craig seeking the Holy Grail

As always, more photos (with captions) can be seen on Flickr.

P.S. I asked Mike why he was wearing pink pajamas in the photo posted below. He explained that he was an early supporter of breast cancer awareness.

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