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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

 Santa came!

 Thankfully, we spent Christmas Day at our own home so that we could recuperate from the wild Christmas Eve festivities. We'll start with Christmas morning. Santa never disappoints and always comes through with wonderful presents.

Oh, kitty socks!

Whoa - kitty socks!

Happy with her Legos.

Look at that happy girl with her Legos!

Stopping to look at her book.

Yes - our child actually pauses to look at the books that she got.

Opening her scooter.

Lauren was really excited to get a Razor scooter. She's been riding it in the house all week, which is not so exciting for Mark and I.

My beloved foam brushes.

Then it was time for us to open our gifts. My beloved foam brushes! This is Mark's idea of a joke. He likes to make fun of me because I prefer to paint with them rather than a brush (I can't stand it when paintbrushes shed their bristles into the paint!).

Not in there this year. Darn.

I checked, but I'm not in there this year. Maybe next.

Cathrineholm teapot

Ooo...Cathrineholm teapot to display in the new kitchen!

Mark examining his rollerskates.

Mark evaluating the roller skates he received from Lauren and I. Now he doesn't have to rent them when he takes her to the Romp 'n Roll!

Mark shows off his presents.

Mark overwhelmed by his fabulous Mini Cooper coasters and "Cool Dad" flashlight (One of four flashlights he received this year).

Craig and his love.

In the evening, it was time to open presents with my family. Here's Uncle Craig cuddling on the couch with his love.

Craig and his other love.

Here's Uncle Craig cuddling on the couch with his other love - a Panera gift card (And note the matching hat)!

Grandma and Pappy.

Here's a Pappy and Grandma methodically opening their gifts.

 Pappy explaining his bucket insert to Grandma.

Two hours later, here's Pappy explaining to Grandma the intricacies of his bucket liner.

 3 Cowboys.

And lucky Aunt Phyllis! She arrived at our house with one cowboy, but will be leaving with three! Yee haw!

 Me and Mark.

And on that note, we'll conclude Christmas 2011.

The Ross Family.

Actually, this would be a good time to conclude 2011, as I'm probably not going to have time to do a year-in-review post today. So Happy New Year from the Ross Family - I know it's going to be a great one!

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