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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Snowman cookie.

As usual, the week after Christmas got away from me. I worked through Wednesday and then spent the rest of the week playing video games and eating cookies. Since Christmas was already a week ago and the New Year is upon us, we better get to it.

 Under construction.

As per tradition, Christmas Eve was spent with Mark's family. Oh yeah, we all know how this is gonna go.


Mike tossing it back.

 Mike and Noah.

Baby Jacob laughing.

See Baby Jacob - you're not the only one who gets real happy after you have your bottle. Your brother Noah will explain this Christmas Eve business later. He's already been there.

Angel guarding my drink.

And lo! The Angel of the Lord came upon us, and guarded my drink and Wii remote all night.

Giant bottle of Snapple.

But then the night really spun out of control after Grandpa brought out the biggest bottle of Snapple on human record.

Beth and Jacob.

You're right Baby Jacob - that giant bottle of Snapple that Grandpa was holding was pretty weird. I'd run to my mommy too if she was here.

Grandma Pinky and her sweatshirt.

Well, Baby Jacob, maybe things will calm down now, since it's time to open presents. Look, your Grandma got a nice, cozy sweatshirt.

Hockey showdown.

And there's Grandpa trying out Noah's air hockey table.

The Winter Classic.

It was good clean fun until Cousin Sean checked Cousin Lauren into the rigatoni and meatballs.

Lauren and her Webkinz.

But she got her revenge by unleashing the Webkinz.

Webkinzmania running wild.

More Webkinzmania!

Webkinzmania, running wild!

 Hulkamania running wild.

Hulkamania runnning wild!

Watch out for the tickle monster.

Who got the Tickle Me Melissa? I thought they were all sold out.

Happy Baby Jacob.

Isn't Tickle Me Melissa the best gift ever, Baby Jacob?

 Me and my lasagna.

She even comes with lasagna!

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