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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009, Part III: Christmas Evening.


As per the current tradition, Christmas evening was held at our house. I thought for sure that my parents weren't going to make it, but they did. And they brought...OPERATION!

Vanna modeling the teapot.

Mel C. was there too. She served as her usual function of modeling Lauren's gifts.

Bunny socks!

Mel C. also served her function of honorary auntie by giving Lauren an item that Mommy refused to buy for her when we were out shopping a month ago. BUNNY SOCKS!


Here's Mark taking special care to present Mel C's gift to us. Get this - it's wrapped in vintage embroidered pillow cases. Be still my heart!!!


Here's a close-up. She even decorated it with vintage ornaments!


Look - it says FRA-GEE-LAY. Unfortunately, I can't show you what is inside because this is yet another gift that deserves special photos. Phyllis and Craig also gave me a specially packaged gift that will also require special photos.

Phyllis opening her gift.

Speaking of Aunt Phyllis, here she is opening our gift - an iHome. Hopefully, this will keep their iPod Touch good and charged.


Crazy Uncle Craig got a Panera gift card. Look at that pure Christmas joy on the man's face.

What's he making?

My parents also gave Lauren an Etch-a-Sketch. I think Pappy secretly wanted one of his own.

Pappy's Etch-a-sketch masterpiece.

Ah, that's pretty tricky!

Enjoying the digital frame.

My mom and dad got a kick out the digital frame that we gave them. I scanned some old photos from their younger days and interspersed them between recent photos of us.

Thus concludes another Christmas for the books. May it always be this merry!

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Noreen said...

Mel C - way to go with the special wrapping!!! =)