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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shakin' n' bakin'.

Muffin cups.

Blog posts have been abbreviated the last couple of nights because I've been spending the majority of the evenings baking. My absolute favorite thing to make are mini cheese cakes. My aunts used to make these at Christmas when I was growing up, so to me, Christmas just isn't the same without them. FYI, I use this recipe in full size muffin tins. I like my mini cheesecakes to be GRANDE sized.

First, we line the muffin tins with cups, as shown above.

Sampling one vanilla wafer.

Then, we place a vanilla wafer in each one. At this point, it's okay to sample one.

Sampling two vanilla wafers.

Or two.

Mixing the batter.

Next, we mix the batter.

Spoon in the batter.

Then, we fill each cup about half of the way full. Ooo, look how creamy!


Finally, we bake and decorate! Usually, I spoon cherry pie filling on the top, but this year, we decided to sprinkle them with colored sugar.

Heavenly, just heavenly.

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