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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy birthday, Boo.


It happens everytime we get a pet. We name it one thing, but end up calling it another. Daisy is Dee Dee Dog or just Dee. Beavis is Beewee. And Marcus is now Boo.

"Boo" is from a Chris Brown song, called With You. Now, I'm not a Chris Brown fan or anything, but I am an American Idol fan. And during Season 7 when David Arculeta sang this song, I thought that him singing about his "boo" was pretty hysterical. It kind of stuck with me, so one day I found myself calling Marcus my "boo." Soon, Mark was calling him Boo, and Lauren does it because she thinks it's funny. The term can also can be found in the Urban Dictionary. Fits him pretty well, huh?

Anyway, Boo, I mean Marcus, is pretty special because he is the first pet we've ever had whose not only exact age is known but also his birthday - December 16, 2008.

This called for a little party. There were candles and "cake" (Which Daisy shared).

Birthday boy.

And party hats (Daisy also enjoyed not having to endure the humiliation of wearing a hat).

Dog tag.

And presents, like his very own dog tag. He also received a ball that he's already chewed through.


Although since his arrival, he has caused quite a bit of trouble and general disruption to our household, Marcus is still a big ol' sweetheart that we can't help but love. Even though, as his groomer pointed out, his "smarts" haven't quite kicked in yet.

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