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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The first gifts of Christmas.

From Dolores.

Still feeling under the weather today, but I'm trying to push through and get things accomplished. Because Christmas kinda depends on me, you know?

Thankfully, we are blessed to have friends from far away places that send us wonderful gifts to bring us cheer. The first is from Dolores, who outdid herself again. Another elephant for Lauren (Lauren calls this one her Indian elephant), spices made by her friend's company, wild plum apricot butter from Oregon courtesy Dolores's sister and loyal blog reader, Felice, and yet another Eiffel Tower for me that Dolores made special arrangements to have brought in from France!

Dolores and Felice - You are both so sweet and thoughtful! I wish you both could have been here in person to see how delighted we were by your gifts!

From Noreen.

Lauren also received a gift from Cousin Noreen.

Lauren with her gifts from Noreen.

Inside was a tres chic outfit and two Polly Pocket sets to add to the one that Noreen brought her when she visited us last month. Not to mention the elephant that looks right at home on our tree. I was surprised when Lauren suggested that we hang him there - I thought for sure she'd keep him for herself!

Thank you so much, Noreen. As always, you are totally in touch with a four-year old girl's tastes!

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